We specialize in Security Camera Systems, Installation, Video, CCTV and Video Analytics.

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. provides professional security system installation, design, upgrades and repair for any size organization. We specialize in the installation of HD Video Surveillance, Video Analytics, Access Control, Alarm Systems and Entry Systems. Looking for Wireless Video Surveillance we have what you need for commercial and municipal applications Our team of seasoned professionals provide expertise in installing Business Security Systems, Commercial Video Surveillance, Business Security Camera Systems, Industrial Video Analytics, Municipal Video Surveillance, Commercial Security Systems & Integrated Security System Sales, Installation, Repair, Upgrade, and Design. We offer wireless Security Camera deployments from citywide to small business applications. Video Industrial Cameras | Video Surveillance


Video Industrial Cameras

Commercial Industrial Municipal Wireless Video Surveillance Cameras Stroudsburg PA! Are you looking for Enterprise-Grade wireless security solutions in Monroe County PA? NRSEC serves ..read more..


Commercial Video Security

When looking for Commercial Video Surveillance Philadelphia design, installation repair and upgrade in Philadelphia look no further. NRSEC provides commercial video surveillance ..read more..


Warehouse Video Surveillance

Commercial Industrial Security Surveillance Allentown PA – Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC Commercial and Industrial solutions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and ..read more..


Commercial Video Surveillance Philadelphia

Commercial Video Surveillance Philadelphia by Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC provides commercial video surveillance installation in Philadelphia. Commercial Video Surveillance has evolved from Legacy CCTV from recent past .3 Megapixels has now evolved to 30 Megapixel super imagers that can be viewed over a mobile internet connection.

Commercial Video Surveillance Installation Philadelphia
Avigilon 7k (30) megapixel Pro camera

Today advanced Commercial Video Surveillance Philadelphia has evolved to advanced imagers that capture large scenes in High Definition. These pixel dense images make forensic investigations very easy please follow the link for more detail and a quick demonstration. Avigilon

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